kept to creeping certainty

suffocating flashes, dismantling light projection
suffering onboard, no “North Bloomington, Jolene” call
so, this is life
secreted differences amalgamate to naught
shrapnel doesn’t distinguish, no matter human try
succumbed rationalization is congratulated if abandoned
smiles only go so far
serenades fall on deaf ears
segue to
sympathetic meaninglessness

subtle glimpses, settled lapses

as that behind ear scratch
results in wet fingertips,
resolve becomes cliche-
from resolute to renowned
in a glimpse, taken away
not a clouded night sky,
but city-light diminished milky way grandiosity
being so far from,
kept captured by forms so close
it’s a loss shared, a little to naught realized-
we strive, pulling toes out of foundations
bloodshot eyes, bullet-scraped dermis
so few places to dodge uncompromising life
suck down another sixteen ounces,
even if you are not seeking answers
there’s but detriment in that unseen bottom,
it’s a fluke reception,
degraded signature, still looks as it did decade’s ago

stripped hamstrings, soddened backs, sultry minds

eyebrow filtered malaise, germ-infused common sense
slipped to dreams with no use, except release,
escape from the pursuing degrade-
rather be self-created dismay
than torn from wrenched existing truth
casted nets with similar shape-
can never seal the deal, (s)he is there, (s)he is of understood shared
could be the lack of life trying,
hovelling to a home
that welcomed warped, dismal staid state-
nothing has to change if no other can offer homily-
lost, with a oneway ticket-
tact, never has meant being on the correct track
adversary of such vice with over-riding result
it’s a decisive derision,
living life swell
leasing life as well
longing for life pollination,
ground to cornmeal consistency-
officials say
“These figures don’t equal.”
citizens respond
“Justice does not have numeration!”
yet, here we are
with the tepid speech
“Mine, is Ours.”
for history shot, those same will reiterate
’til their current position is unaffixed,
impossible to undo wrong
circular digestion

sittin’, spittin’, overgrown once-useful words

they clamor, essence of subtracted-theirs are subtle reasons,
structures crumbling before ribbon is cut
caught between life and existing
gawking-eyed voices procure little ability for regard
foregoing safety whilst risking others-
neigh impossible to reconcile
sweltered salvation
stretched sacrament
somewhere surrendered without deference-
torrential supplication
stuck, malformed
age inappropriate malfeasance, if only, for a few more decades-
aloft upon palm frond, cheek caressed burnt fingertips
stovepipe conspiracies spewing darkened soot
Candy cries for erased memories
to silence the hollowness t’which rages in us’all-
dwindling existence
matter is subjective
cursed regard
false memory, pruning tragic past
can never get back pleasant
grinded the present for such, t’where it’s but a fictitious fact
fret each second
forget first intent
it’s a dismal existence with little to parlay

queue cumbersome

rhetoric as hierarchy,
piqued, leaked, ragged stricken
there’s a place ‘tween hell and now
swirling solemness, sorrow sagged center-
cannot say goodbye and have it be done
cannot walk up on stilts, deeming below as fine
no matter how far, al(l )ways a place bellows
echoes offering substantiation t’which were not when-
suffering from short-sighted everyday summoning
succumbing seldom, broken spirit serenade
some where there is Heaven
scavenged soul frothing,
hard to receive heart
when we know
are the only streets-
life stands within-
curled lip acknowledgement
per fact,
pre-fractured dreaming

crossed as crashed glass

there’s your darkness
a cradled grave misnomer
gnashed vertebrae, can tell a’ne about crack backed
sun, the sleep thief winged slinging mischief amok-
point your telescopes illustrious wide,
silly human helmed-
s(t)ilted ways to determine true north
modernday constitutions clogging balance
headlong towards rigor mortis,
somehow still supposed to get som’thin
such meager sense intook
scratchy-eyed ideologues, back-handed hollow magicians
biding for a more opportune time
always coming back hardluck strong
tongue yolked (to) mindreach
atonement is nay impossible,
think of the foolishness
constructed bombs not dropped,
similarities only constrict so many slights
and when they don’t

masterpieces from commonday phalanging (eyelevelright)
and iff’n you think illustriousness is enough to get you off
witness me,
polity, is a brief description of such
more succinct,
split earth
spilt broken like jerusalem-
meaning as downfall,
for some things history is told, then carried out
for others it is perspective, sumoem itzinjektion(hatekill)((malfeasancetakeavacation))
we want to say
“This is a new day!”
wizened we would respond
“There was less of ‘THIS’ years ago!”
well, heh-both ya’s are correct(ed)
connection leads to discomfort
lost ones can now find
(be) distorted from/by family they seek,
electronic death fringes forging connections-
the radio squelches squabbles of nationalists and the opposition,
it’s pretty funny
with such little support of overall
incumbents still go on
human nature though-
retribution without forethought

earth plate, truncate dirt

thought my life ate less than nothing
til my nails started to eat me,
with scratchy voice
“They finagled lesser men!”
forever is there a semblance
seeing a crucifix in a city crosswalk
declaring equinox as virtue
it’s a vice, if one were much to put a crutch on such,
problematic as it seems, the queen is keen on these things
to a toe, get in line, march a steady plead
for you are the one groveling at heed
these sumptuously silly ideals tangling your preciousness,
trauma as precursor
lie as misnomer
crowded stairs squelching under significant weight
cinderblock wall cinderella serenades
foggy visage
cradle through grimlife, no rain rainbow
a prayer without a bearer
fourth nail declarative
deceptive culmination
between certain, must happen
destruction occurs, fermented revolver
seen the speak of a dove once
didn’t/never have known
and if your succulent dust spoke
i’d take contemplative seat
before such brilliance
and keep still
rifling thru beauty writ,
grit stringent
mitigate lovesick
guilt beyond the depth of it
ain’t any sense why lady justice is blindfolded
t’which case she presidin?
there’s your decrepit deranged street art already caste
public paid parable
feeding a starving sculptor whose next work was an unsold Jebediah Springfield bronze miniature