Gibraltar Apologies

Mixing circumscribed thoughts
brewing nomenclature
supplanting nonsense culture
ridiculed reassuring-
those places worse than yours
places where actualized fears
immeasurable steps from the frontline
speaking as if hurling first stone
whilst condemning those seeking shelter
as having palm-thrown condolence,
rhetoric reconciling all hopes that there is
not a conciliatory combatant t’which would not hold a gun against-
that freedom c(o)ursed throughout speeches
that right of militia
each which is spoken against-
a fragile misnomer
when it’s
a stake in the
ever-changing ground
even when it is seemingly ‘right’
as a feline would say
“It’s not yours, It’s Mine”
breaking, allowing
human devolution
with sweet house categorization-
speaking for leaps,
it’s one for
those plying to make semblance
those which destruct words as their selves,
those with their suicide consecration
and all they wish to silence-
there are heartily
more Poets dissecting death
than pathetics decimating such life theft
cull-actions will never conquer,
attuned to the words of aggrieved
only a personal achieving
will be retributional agreeing,
a recompense
no victory,
only dogmatic revelry

Hate the politician, not politics

from a slight sight
much is to be condemned,
from a truewise
little is there to fret-
wars waged upon lands
t’which no reasonable fight should go,
on t’which creates more fighters
one that is but a polyquagmire-
citizens in dire need
citizens t’which require
as they choke on their own breath,
as they die with citizenry
call it staunch
call it Right,
these are people that should be working
people that should be living,
call it weak
call it Left,
these are people that should be healthy
people that should be cared for-
it’s a stagnant crossroad,
this forged politicking way-
little sense which horizon to stride
so many lies told
keep to mind t’which is telling them to you
the one wanting/keeping status quo
a juggernaut organization reinforcing such-
tis, a decent stance
to be able to ward off,
the malfeasant malcontent simply wanting to be correct
from those
offering stepping stones

p’lling on the wrong side

face tightens “But you’re shoving impossible taxation down citizen’s throats and telling them it is rosy.”
there is an organized gasp from the unlit crowd
one of them said something wrong, it’s my chance!
“Your time spent in this foray is impossible for your current workload of being an elected official, you should drop out of one or the other.” I say, with an eye twinkle, bait, checkmate
the crowd gasps are even deeper
what have I done to myself…
these people were supposed to be feeding from my polidick
for Dang’s sake my father and brother were presidents of this land in the last 35 years
I am the obvious delegate, how could it possibly be another way,
the donors, their money,
the message of familial upkeep of this nation
one that we call great but yet deem as substandard, simply because of current leadership
as if a horse, no matter how grim, could impact the quality of delivered product
why is self-responsibility a merit,
my brother kept the country safe
my father didn’t forego a war
forget the devastating cause of this nation’s life happened during one of their terms
forget the reckless war conducted through cherry-picked faulty intelligence
forget the debt of that war being carried off-the-books
forget that father lied during his campaign about sacred taxes
forget that father stepped his military in the same country my brother did
forget that he refused to get the mission accomplished then
forget that I was governor of the state that decided, after months, that my brother won
forget that they are my family-
I have a new vision,
made up of staffers from both their administrations
left-overs, hardly
revolutionaries (in the good way)
made up of tired and true same strategies that brought upon senseless wars
economic crises
failed responses to natural disasters
I could go on but, that wouldn’t be correct po’litik-
as governor I stated a woman should live despite her husband’s choice
in my politic, government has no right to be in a citizen’s personal life
this is not a contradiction, it is a badge
for what I believe as a government official is greater
than what someone could choose for their loved one in this regard
and when it comes to their womb, their bodily intake, their partner in marriage
I am the decider

stammering sense, shook soles, stymied salvation

selected saints, steadfastly shouting “Stop!”
such so,
salient supplies cease shipping
causing catastrophic comeuppance-
one would think, those speaking down orders, would be the target
such sophistry seems solid
subject, adjunct-
when placed ‘tween gold and diamond,
it’s but an attuned place to be chopped up
adhering to a placeholder placard–
your hands over my heart
my hands over yours
distance distorting determination doesn’t dull,
next to next
as one
separate, disjointed same(-)
inhaling toxic temerity-
vie to not fa(l/i)l (to) the power of discrepancy,
blink, succoring what will be such, so

trickle-down political overtures

between tweedlee druz and tweedlee drump,
not much refuge to salvage
but to grab and whine from the stump-
tweedle drump asked tweedlee druz
“How’d we dupe so many to get so far?”
“Ain’t too hard to pave an already there path with tar.”
drump looked to druz with tweedlee drooped shoulders
both knowing they could never accomplish such a feat
as the laying of a single road,
too many bumps in the way
too many ideals that were fought for to prove their tweedlee bonafidees-
burnt beyond recognition, it’d be like they were one o’them get-outta-here migrants
they both are toodelee ag’nst-
it’s a meager wall tweedlee druz and tweedlee drump stroll
like they have no heart or soul
even whilst they rage like they wrote the bible en totál
and any that would say it another way should be relegated
to life with no hope, only devastating mires-
tweedlee drump and tweedlee druz
care nothing for you, a vote of yruz is all that you could be
tweedlee druz looks to drump for what is right
tweedlee drump looks to druz for what things to undo,
not to be confused with t’which should not be done,
simply, only fretting for what hampers one when on a campaign to clowntown-
tweedlee druz looks at tweedlee drump
“Ya think we got this wrapped up?”
tweedlee drump sáys
“It’s only their fault if we get nays”
ya’see for them
it’s their loss
not yours-

to make a point of pontifical polity

there comes a time
not much is ably accomplished
a wilt, if you will
t’which you can’t not
already been-
suffering under same
some basking with momentary ease
forego possibility
render outcome adjunct
bottom line is only happenstance
crawled between more than normalcy
the surrounding stench,
one indication that evolution
Is Of-
every bland look-back
met with the same dulled-out milky way

broke before knots loosened

crept from behind a tree
next to a stream, she said “There aren’t many secrets faces don’t tell.”
she didn’t know enough-she still knew
capsules chewed up, no need to wait for absorption
glimpses like rainstorm drops in a river
feeding can cure only momental troubles
monumentally foolish escapades driving everyday
take another look,
the same cannot be seen again
let alone, had
fingertip slipperiness
footprint misgiving
the once oneness
wasn’t what was wont
a becomed distraught
she says looking at some stormclouds “There is much, too much spoken that can be left for silence to sort out.”